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B i o g r a p h y

"The Man"

A burning desire to change lives, empower people to fulfill purpose, and a life filled with fasting and prayer exemplifies the ever growing legacy of Michael Woods, Sr. Michael was born on July 22nd in the City of Atlanta, Georgia.   As a young lad Michael was called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.   While simultaneously running touchdowns, striking out hitters from a pitchers mound, or slam dunking; the young preacher could be found praying, preaching, or studying the Word of God.   Michael is the Father of three-princes Michael Woods, Jr., Benjamin Emmanuel, and Alexander Michael. 


"The Message"

From the Ghettos of Atlanta to the Nations of the World, Michael Woods with a patriarchal presence disseminates the influence of hope and healing that boldly crossed the lines race, religion, culture, and creed.  His God given message is disseminated with a relevant  prophetic insight beyond his years which empowers his followers to  self actualization and purpose. Woods has counseled literal thousands of singles, couples, and men/women who are now experiencing abundance and peace within their immediate world as a result of his Godly wisdom.  He can be seen locally and nationally via television in various markets on Manifestations with Dr. Mike Woods.  


"The Mandate"

Michael Woods carries a mandate and purpose which hails from his birth to change lives and operate as a vessel that will superimpose heavenly wisdom and principles.  Woods has traveled over the last twenty-five years to 45 States domestically and 4 Continents internationally as a humanitarian, counselor, evangelist, servant, and friend.  He's has been called upon by heads of state, celebrities, and athletes to offer wisdom and directives which have led to forward mobility.  Michael is a man of God who has dedicated his life to the DISCERNMENT, DEVELOPMENT, AND DEPLOYMENT of effective men and women  in the earth realm. Because of this, the earth will never be the same because Michael Woods is alive.

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