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Instructor: Dr. Mike Woods, Sr.

Scriptural References: Genesis 1:28; Revelation 11:15



Dominion is not God’s Plan B; it’s actually His Plan A. The Dominion Mandate is the first command given to mankind by God, but unfortunately, most go through life never achieving it. They go to church, work, school, get married, start businesses, and even make a lot of money, but never really achieve dominion. You might ask, "How do I actually achieve dominion?" This masterclass will answer that question and more, providing personal and transparent insights on achieving dominion and taking your place in this world.



The purpose of this masterclass is to help people realize the dominion of God in their lives. Our goal is to help attendees discover that dominion is not about overpowering control but is a life-giving, liberating experience with the Almighty God, who is the ultimate, perfect Father who loves to bring liberty and freedom to His people. Finally, our aim is to help individuals discover their dominion purpose and live their best life.



June 29, 2024



9 AM to 5 PM (EST)
(Note: Courses can be watched on demand at the attendees' leisure after the live event.)






Registration is required at $97 per person. Registered participants will receive the following:

  1. Entrance into the Course

  2. Course Materials

  3. Framed Course Completion Certificate

  4. Lifetime Access to Course Videos

  5. One-on-One 1-Hour Dominion Coaching Session with Dr. Mike Woods



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  • Understanding Kingdom Industry and Dominion: Learn what the Kingdom of God really is and its role in our dominating in our sphere of influence. Gain useful intelligence regarding the kingdoms of this world, where we fit in these kingdoms, and how to navigate our purpose to dominate.

  • Dominion and Money: Discover that nothing can be established without wealth, especially dominion. Learn how to fix the money thing as Dr. Woods shares his journey from a poverty mindset to a billionaire mindset. Gain principles to tap into your creative edge and take dominion in your sphere of influence.

  • Dominion and Purpose: Learn exactly what you need to answer the question, “What is my purpose?” Discover how walking out God’s purpose for our lives actually leads to dominion.

  • Dominion and Entrepreneurship: Receive practical insights and wisdom from Dr. Woods, who has been an entrepreneur for 35 years, on starting and growing a business. Learn about marketing, business strategy, and how money is created in the marketplace and the mill. Discover how to take dominion by finding your place in both.

  • Dominion and Relationships: Dive deep into the construct of relationships and their importance in taking dominion. Gain valuable insights into how the people in our lives can be either constructive or destructive when it comes to dominion.

  • Dominion and Leadership: Understand that both dominion and leadership are at their core about influence. Learn that we are born with both leadership and dominion in our DNA and are born to rule the earth. Discover that dominion is not Plan B; it’s still God’s Plan A.

  • Dominion and Faith: Learn that dominion is God’s greatest pleasure for mankind. Understand that without faith it is impossible to please God. This course will teach the four phases of dominion and how none of them can be achieved without faith.


This is an online course, and registration is required for attendance.

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Thank you, and God bless!

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