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Radah Alliance of Five-Fold Ministers



Radah Alliance is a Apostolic and Prophetic catalytic resource agent for those called to Five-Fold Ministry.  It is our chief desire to see those connected to us experience manifestation of destiny, maximize their potential, and fulfill their Kingdom Purpose.


There are three dimensions of purpose that surround involvement in RADAH ALLIANCE:



Apostle Michael L. Woods, Sr. and the governing apostles of RADAH ALLIANCE are clear that this fellowship exist to be a MEASURING tool to spiritually access the pneumatic location of it’s members.  This process allows the leader to chart a clear path toward his or her destiny via the honest assessment of their now situation.  In addition, this tier of our purpose allows the ALLIANCE member to adequately discern our apostolic authority and value. Discernment and Measuring are the substratum of our purpose.




The Apostolic Leadership of RADAH ALLIANCE collectively bring to the table over 75 years of wisdom to assist in the effective development of it’s members.  This tier of our purpose is what we affectionately refer to as the MANAGEMENT tool.  It becomes our desire to be a catalytic resource agent to fellowship members that will assist them in achieving self-actualization and maximizing their purpose.  Simply put we are training for reigning.




RADAH ALLIANCE desires to deploy it’s members as MASTER’S in their area of purpose that are fully competent and qualified to operate in excellence as productive leaders in the Kingdom of God.   We seek to deploy our leaders with wisdom, proven keys, and strategies to undergird their journey.   The consistent achievement of this purpose moves us collectively as a body closer to the fulfillment of the dominion mandate.


Learn more about Radah Alliance or Request an Application for Membership by emailing us clicking here.


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